Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Big Six

Warner Bros Incorporated.

Warner Brothers is an American Production company for film, television and music and are a member of the Motion Picture Associate of America. Formally known as Warner Brothers Pictures, Incorporated. Some films with the Warner Brothers name credited include:

Sucker Punch (2011)
The Matrix (1999)
Gravity (2013)

Paramount Pictures.

Paramount Pictures is ranked as the highest ranking production studio (In terms of Grossing). Some of the successfully distributed films under the Paramount name include:

Kung Fu Panda
Indiana Jones

Walt Disney

Disney was founded by Mr. Walt Disney, an animator famous for the creation of Mickey Mouse. He is known for being one of the biggest animation producers of all time, some work produced by him include:

Alice in Wonderland
Mickey Mouse
Oswald The Lucky Rabbit

Columbia Pictures.

Columbia Pictures are an American production company that is part of Tristar Motion Pictures and is owed by sony pictures. Some films produced by Columbia Pictures include:

Hancock (2008)
2012 (2009)
Skyfall (2012)

Universal Studios.
Universal Studios, also known as Universal Pictures is an American production company owned by Comcast through it's wholly owned subsidiary NBCUniversal. Some films include:

The Skulls (2000)
Shaun to Dead (2004)
Jarhead (2005)

20th Century Fox.

20th Century Fox is an American production company famous for the large logo containing 3D font reading '20th century' some films consist of:

Ice Age (2002)
X-Men: Last Stand (2005)
Eragon (2006)

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