Tuesday, 3 September 2013


====================FIVE: BANDS====================

The XX - Calm music that is nice to listen to
Lemaitre - French duo creating perfect electronic music
The Offspring - Like some songs, but not all
Avenged Sevenfold - Not the biggest fan, but some songs are good to listen to
Placebo - Deep music

====================FIVE: FILMS====================

The Matrix - I enjoy Sci-Fi films and love the whole concept of The Matrix
Rambo: First Blood - A deeper story than people expect, stands out from the sequels
Daybreakers - The idea of an alternate world led by vampires is interesting...
Harry Potter 1-8 - I grew up with these books, so the films will always be dear to me
Lord of the Rings - Following the adventure of the Hobbits makes for a journey

====================FIVE: BOOKS====================

Darren Shan Saga - I'm not the biggest fan of horror, but Darren Shan is an exception
Cherub - If there's nothing else to read i'll read Cherub
Harry Potter - My childhood revolved around these books
Lord of the Rings - Only read once, too long
Hunger Games - Alternate realities with different lifestyles interest me

====================FIVE: VIDEO GAMES====================

Dead Rising - Zombie games are a simple pleasure of mine
Dead Island - The setting is beautiful
Payday 2 - Crime in a suit
Left 4 Dead 2 - Co-Op games are fun when played with friends
The Walking Dead Game - Beautiful storyline, amazing characters, overall just perfect

====================FIVE: SONGS====================

The XX: Intro - Calm song great for a rainy day
Payday 2: Heist Track 6 - Upbeat and stylish
Citizen Cope: Bullet and a Target - Powerful, meaningful song
Modestep: Sunlight Hurts my Eyes - Fast
Kevin Sherwood: The Damned - Slow and peaceful

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